For rent - charming studio apartment, moonside view! Gravity not included

Showers and kitchen are provided down the hall in Section M. Price is $6,200/mo, must pay first and last month's rent. 1 year lease required, sorry holographic pets only.

Shown in 3D Creative! ~

Jami moravetz jmoravetz station01 1080

Welcome to Sector K, the residential wing of Moonside Space Station!

Jami moravetz jmoravetz station02 1080

Each hallway provides gravity-locked ceilings and floors, and each unit supplies each resident with gravity boots.

Jami moravetz jmoravetz station03 1080

Private bed tube and couch beside the window for a gorgeous view!

Jami moravetz jmoravetz station04 1080

Each home comes equipped with a private desk space and waist bar. (Ship figurines not included).